Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cook

A Child Called It, David
Ender's Game, Ender
Earth School Cafeteria

Ender meets Dave

During the middle of his school day, Ender was going to get lunch. As he was walking into the cafeteria to get his food, he saw some of the other students in the public school picking on one of the cooks. He was a young boy about Ender’s age, with bruises and scrapes all over his arms and face. The other boys went off to eat their lunches, leaving the boy on the ground. Ender approached him and extended his hand. Helping the boy to his feet, Ender said, “Are you okay?” “Yeah, thank you.” Replied the boy in a small voice. Ender introduced himself, asking the boy his name. He replied that his name was David. “Nice to meet you David!” Ender said. “Did those kids over there give you all these bruises?” “A few of them.” David replied. Ender dropped the subject. “Want lunch?” he asked. David said yes. They bought lunch and sat down at a table.

“So why do you work in the kitchen here?” Ender asked. David replied, “I guess it gets me out of the house.” “What’s so bad about being around the house? I would love to spend more time around my house with my sister and my parents.” Ender asked slowly. David replied, “Well… my house just isn’t that much fun to hang out at.” Ender noticed he used a really hesitant voice and paused once or twice saying it, but didn’t make a comment. David was eating ravenously, and Ender was sure that if he didn’t slow down, he would get sick. “Why are you so hungry today?” he asked. “Well… I guess I’ve just been working hard.” David said hesitantly. Ender decided there was something suspicious about David, but wasn’t sure yet. He decided to ask David some more questions the next time he saw him, but he had to go. “Hey David I have to go back to class, we should eat lunch together again tomorrow.” “Sounds great!” David exclaimed. “Okay, and if there is anything you need, ask me and I’ll try to help you out. It was nice to meet you.” Said Ender. “Thank you. And I am glad I met you too.” David replied. Ender started to walk back to class, and as he looked back he realized that David looked the happiest he had ever seen him, even when just working in the kitchen. Ender smiled and walked back to class, thinking about his new friend, and wondering why he was so suspicious. He decided he would find out the next day.